Tasks and Symbols

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Tasks and Symbols

27/11/2017 English Technical Information 0


You are a Project Manager, BIM-Manager, … and want to get a quick overview of the status of your project. Today is the 27th of November. You open your project board and have an overview in seconds. The symbols in Lean4Team make it possible.

There is a promise behind every task. A task that is planned, but is still in the preparatory phase, has no symbol. A task that is permanently terminated has the clock symbol. A task that is in progress has the icon with a running person. A task that has been completed according to the agreement has a simple flag as a symbol. A task that has a red flag as a symbol has not been settled as agreed. The green flag as a symbol indicates that the task was completed at an early stage.

A project is productive when each task is completed with a simple flag. If there are only green flags, then you should motivate your team to formulate the promises of time sportier. If you have a common red flag, you need to look at the completed tasks more intensively and analyze them. Team members need your support.

The same statements you receive in Lean4Team are also available as automated online charts (working time, burn-down, …). It is of no use to you to find out that the productivity of the project is left to be desired only after a week based on charts. Then the current week is already unproductive. A quick overview gives you the chance to react quickly.