Lean4Team - Collaborative Teamwork in Realtime!

Lean4Team is a transparent, collaborative, cooperative and agile Software for Project, Task and Team Management.


Agile Task Planner (ATP)

The Agile Task Planner is a flexible project, task and team management based on the software Lean4Team. The way it works is digital, agile, graphic, transparent, collaborative and cooperative. The methodological base are Kanban, Lean Construction and Last Planner®. In addition, there is the possibility of integrating quality management, deficiency management and issue management.


BIM Planner System (BPS)

The BIM Planner System (BPS) is a mix of methodology, strategy and software. The development took almost two years.


Lean4Team for Lean Manufacturing

In a Kanban modeled user interface, the processes of a project are mapped. The surface can be operated with a mouse or by touch.


Lean4Team for General Methodologies

With Lean4Team you can organize all types of projects flexibly, transparently and cooperatively. Increase your productivity!


Lean4Team and the fourth view

Lean4Team has four graphical user interfaces. All graphical user interfaces show the tasks from a different view. With the three user interfaces we form the Kanban, Lean Construction and the Last Planner© methods completely. Actually, nothing is missing. But somehow every project leader has the feeling that the team might have forgotten tasks. We create security with the new WBS-View.


Besuchen Sie uns auf der 4. GLCI (German Lean Construction Institut) Konferenz in Frankfurt a.M.

Am 28.11. findet ein Vorprogramm statt. Die eigentliche Konferenz mit Ausstellung ist am 29.11.2018. Nutzen Sie die Chance, uns einmal persönlich kennenzulernen. Wir zeigen Ihnen wie ein digitales Lean Construction und ein digitaler Last Planner© grafisch funktioniert. Zusätzlich zeigen wir Ihnen die Anbindung an Autodesk BIM 360. Weitere Informationen zur Konferenz finden Sie auf der […]

Visit us at the 4th GLCI (German Lean Construction Institute) conference in Frankfurt a.M.

A preprogramme will be held on 28.11. The actual conference with exhibition is at the 29.11.2018. Take the chance to meet us in person. We show you how a digital Lean Construction and a Digital Load Planner© works graphically. We also show you the link to Autodesk BIM 360. More information about the conference can […]

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