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Use Lean Construction and Last Planner® digital to manage your construction work consistently

All planning offices and project management companies use AVA software to tender, assigning and invoicing construction services. Without software it is no more! Many AVA software products already incorporate BIM[…]

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12/02/2018 0

Bauleistungen durchgängig mit Lean Construction und Last Planner® digital managen

Alle Planungsbüros und Projektmanagementgesellschaften setzen AVA Software zur Ausschreibung, Vergabe und Abrechnung von Bauleistungen ein. Ohne Software geht es nicht mehr! Viele AVA-Software-Produkte übernehmen bereits BIM-Modelle und nutzen die Modelldaten[…]

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12/02/2018 0

Lean Construction: Wie gelingt Ihnen der Einstieg in die digitale Welt?

Ich beschäftige mich seit drei Jahren mit dieser Frage. Seit zwei Jahren setze ich mich damit praktisch intensiv auseinander. Ich habe mit vielen Firmen gesprochen, habe deren Bemühungen erlebt und[…]

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29/01/2018 0

Change your management!

Organize your team visually, transparently and collaboratively!

Can´t be done does not exist for us!

With Lean4Team you can map different and extremely flexible project structures. Our customers realize Kanban, Lean Construction, Lean Design, Last Planner, Software Development, BIM Management or other projects.

BIM Planner System (BPS)

The BIM Planner System (BPS) is a mix of methodology, strategy and software. The development took almost two years.  learn more

Lean4Team for Lean Manufacturing

In a Kanban modeled user interface, the processes of a project are mapped. The surface can be operated with a mouse or by touch.  learn more

Lean4Team for General methodologies

With Lean4Team you can organize all types of projects flexibly, transparently and cooperatively. Increase your productivity!  learn more

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