Information for Trial Users

Lean4Team Digital Project Management

Dear Trial User,

We have developed a two-phase trial concept for Lean4Team. In the first phase, you are a board user. In the second phase, you are a board administrator.

Trial Phase 1: Board user

For the English speaking users we have boards in English language and for the German user boards in German. We will send you your access data by e-mail.

  After you have installed Lean4Team, please enter your access data:


What can a board user do?

As a board user, you can
… use existing boards
… create cards
… edit cards
… add any additional attributes to the cards
… view charts.

You may also notice that you cannot create new boards. You may also notice that you cannot edit data in some cards. In Lean4Team, each card can be assigned to a user. The assigned user becomes the card’s owner and makes a promise the team to do the task represented by this card. Anyone can view the task’s card and its content. But only the cards’s owner can edit it’s content.

What a board user cannot do?

As a board user, you cannot
… setup or edit the process steps (lanes)
… change basic board settings
… add another users to the board
… create new users.

Trial Phase 2: Board Administrator

In Trial Phase 1 we assume the role of the board administrator. In Trial Phase 2, it’s your turn. Please contact us if you want to start with Phase 2.

Trial Phase 2 is limited to 30 days. We will set up your own database. You can then create and edit boards. You can then create and add users to the boards.

After you successfully complete the Trial Phase 1, we can send you your database as a backup. You can then continue to work with your data immediately.

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